Access1Host - Hosting Agreement/Terms Of Service

Please read the below carefully before registering! We do not allow the following content on our servers:

  • Illegal Material
  • Threatening Material
  • Hate Sites
  • Fraudulent Content
  • Forgery or Impersonation
  • Unsolicited Content
  • Copyright Infringements
  • Collection of Private Data (Unless DPA Registered)
  • Viruses
  • Hacking/Cracking
  • Content dealing with RapidShare, Rapidleech, MegaUpload, or other upload sites
  • Links pointing to any material that is not allowed under this policy
  • Transloaders of any kind
  • Proxies or proxy-related material
  • URL Shortening Services
  • Music/Video/Media files of any kind, unless you can prove you are the copyright holder
  • Chat Software / Chat Services
  • Image/File Hosting [Companies]
  • File Storage - The storage of files not used in your website or any file in excess of 10mb
  • Lottery/Gambling/Pyramid Scheme/High-Yield Investment websites
  • CPA/PPC/CPC Websites
  • Torrents or Torrent-related websites
  • WAREZ or any WAREZ links
  • IRC Networks (Including all IRC Material)
  • Peer to Peer software
  • Any Adult Content
  • Non-english Content (All content MUST be in English)
  • Streaming videos/music
  • SPAM
  • Phishing
  • CRON jobs that execute more frequently than every 10 minutes
  • *coin/Virtual Currency Mining
  • Booters/Booting of any kind
  • Outgoing attacks on other networks/IPs/servers

Please also note, that when you sign up here at Access1Host, we reserve the right to terminate your account if you host any of the above, if we find you unfit to use our services, or FOR ANY REASON deemed appropriate by the Throttle Hosting staff.

Websites using excessive server resources will be disabled without warning.

You must use your real first and last name when signing up, and must maintain a valid email address. Failure to do so will result in removal of your account, and server-wide suspension of your IP address and other credentials.

If you agree to the terms, then continue with the sign up process.